The Main Line’s Premier, Progressive Health Specialists

At Aligned Medical Group, our mission is to safely provide effective, comprehensive medical treatments, using a conservative approach, to not only relieve pain, but to restore health and function. We promise to perform with the highest level of ethics and commitment, in a warm environment, treating each patient as friend or family. When you’re ready for us to help you, give us a call and we’ll create a plan that get’s you back to healthy living.



Physical Medicine

Our combined injections, hands-on care, medical support and dedicated 2,000 square foot floor of rehabilitation, allows our expert Exercise Physiologists to guide you through your exercise and rehabilitation plan.


Chiropractic Services

A proven leader in Chiropractic Care, we know how to diagnose the need, and perform the adjustments to reduce nerve pain, increase your mobility and get you more active.


Pain Management

Our expert team of medical specialists utilize a number of professional, on-site procedures that assist patients in the process of managing severe pain, in order to return to an active lifestyle.


Medical Weight Loss

The Synergy Medical Weight Loss program offered by Aligned Medical Group, is an effective and medically-supervised program designed to reduce pounds quickly and effectively.



We provide only the safest, most effective, medically-proven treatments and change each patient’s life for a healthier community, and a healthier tomorrow. We promise to do this using the highest level of ethics and commitment, treating each patient as if they are a member of our own family.