Medical Weight Loss in Malvern, PA

Medical Weight Loss in Malvern

Medical Weight Loss- Aligned Medical’s Holistic Approach

At Aligned Medical Group, our medical weight loss programs focus on you, as an individual person with specific needs. We don’t provide “cookie-cutter” programs, rather custom based on what you need and who you are. We want to find the actual cause of your weight gain so we can determine the most effective strategies and solutions to achieve permanent weight loss. Eating too much is rarely the culprit. Factors that could be causing your resistance to weight loss or increasing your appetite may include any combination of the following: diet, nutrition, exercise, metabolism, thyroid disorders, mineral imbalances, hormone imbalances, gut imbalance, sleeping habits, environmental sensitivities, and even genetics.

Why suffer on starvation-like diets you cannot maintain, leading to recurring weight gain with a yo-yo-like effect? By getting to the root of why you have difficulty losing weight, medical weight loss strategies provide a more permanent solution you can easily maintain.

Medical Weight Loss- Diagnostic Testing for a Custom Weight Loss Program

To lose weight more easily and keep the weight off, we need to understand your habits, prior attempts to lose weight and your general chemistry.  Here are four of the important tests we may recommend, as part of your medical weight loss journey:

  • Laboratory Work Up- With a few vials of blood, we can check on your basic chemistry and dive deep into your metabolic factors. Metabolism equals weight loss and if your thyroid is not functioning well, it may be stalling your weight loss.  We also check blood sugar and A1c, testosterone, and whatever we feel is important for you.  There are hundreds of levels that can be assessed, and this is completely custom.
  • Food and Environmental Sensitivities- Are your foods making you gain weight? Sensitivities to certain foods cause delayed reactions in your body, which makes it difficult to know the culprit.   You are probably aware of peanut allergies and bee-sting allergies, both of which cause rapid allergic reactions which can be deadly for certain people.  Unlike allergies, sensitivities cause delayed symptoms such as fatigue, fogginess, pain, headache, bloating, and irritability, just to name a few.  We can test over 400 different foods and environmental exposures to learn which may be contributing to weight gain.  Unfortunately, the foods people are most sensitive to, are often foods you crave and eat more regularly.  This is an important test.
  • Hair Testing- Mineral balance in your body is very important for good health and body weight. Heavy metal exposure can lead to high absorption levels that adversely affect your health, as well.  Using hair samples, we can look at levels more accurately because we see accumulation or deprivation over time, rather than a snapshot when looking at blood samples.  If levels are imbalanced, small changes to diet and natural supplements may get things back to normal in a relatively short period of time.
  • Gut Health- Your digestive tract (gut) is the heart of your immune system and is responsible for your assimilation of nutrition and the emission of waste products. If you are experiencing bloating, gas, foul odors when using the bathroom, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, mood swings, or hormone imbalances, you may have an imbalanced gut.  With an at-home stool test, mailed to a testing center, we can learn the exact gut imbalance problem and provide a solution with minor lifestyle and diet changes and natural supplements.   Once your gut is healthy, not only is it easier to lose weight and keep it off, but your immune system can work at full capacity.

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Medical Weight Loss- Our Tools to Help

Medical Weight Loss

  • Prescription Appetite Suppressants- The hungrier you are, the harder it is to stay on a diet. Prescription appetite suppressants can make your journey easier, by reducing appetite.  To quality, you must have a BMI over 30.  BMI is your Body to Mass Index and is calculated (body weight in pounds) / (height in inches) / (height in inches) x703.  We do not prescribe appetite suppressants if you have a heart condition since heart rate may increase on this medication.   Losing weight is difficult and medication is important to get your weight to a healthy level.
  • Hormone Therapies- Your hormones drive your metabolism. We may recommend testing for hormone imbalance and make recommendations to reestablish normal levels.   We use other hormone therapies which can help reduce appetite and better preserve your muscle tissue, so your body burns more fat during your weight loss program.
  • Vitamin B12 Injections with Inositol, Methionine, and Choline- B12 is a very important vitamin to support a healthy metabolism. Coupled with inositol, methionine, and choline on a weekly basis may help boost metabolism so weight loss is faster and easier.
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins- We recommend weekly weigh-ins to closely monitor your progress, take advantage of weekly Vitamin B12 injections, ask questions and get some tips on diet and exercise or healthy recipes. We will motivate you and keep you on the course!
  • Natural Supplements- Getting adequate nutrition is important to stay healthy with a strong metabolism. It is very difficult to get enough nutrition in foods available today unless you are eating raw nuts and seeds, picked ripe local fruits and vegetables along with pasture-raised meats and eggs.  If you are not getting enough nutrition, your appetite can increase.  We offer supplements to balance your gut, reduce appetite, stimulate metabolism, and support healthy weight loss.
  • Home Exercise Program- When you carry excess body weight, it is harder to exercise and you’re more likely to have aches and pains or get injured. But if you don’t move more and exercise, it’s harder to lose weight and keep it off.  Maybe you have orthopedic problems slowing you down.  Regardless of your situation, we understand and are here to help.  Our comprehensive team will look at everything going on to provide a complete solution package and get you moving safely and enjoying your life again.

Medical Weight Loss- Why Choose Aligned Medical Group?

Medical Weight

If you’re looking for a fad diet, calorie counter, or simple pre-packaged processed foods, and have little or no concerns about keeping the weight off, then we are probably not the best place for your weight loss journey.   If you are like most people, frustrated or even depressed that you struggle with weight loss, and want an easier, more permanent solution, check out Aligned Medical Group’s medical weight loss team!

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