Santina Stutzman, Office Manager at Aligned Medical Group

Santina Stutzman, Office Manager

Santina Stutzman, Office Manager

Santina is our Office Manager and oversees human resources, billing, and administration for Aligned Medical. You will find her smiling face here part-time during the normal workweek, sometimes with her dog, Toby. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from LaSalle University.

She is passionate about natural health care and believes the world would be a better place if everyone used Chiropractic care.

Santina Stutzman: Hobbies & Interests

Enthusiastic about healthy cooking, she often tries new recipes. In her free time, she enjoys quiet morning time reading her Bible, exercise, Italian dinners, and family time with her husband, Dr. Stutzman, and 4 children. Santina continues building her mini-farm, working her gardens for fresh and healthy cooking, and free-range eggs from her chickens.

Toby Stutzman, AMG Visitor

Toby StutzmanToby selected his family in December 2019 at the Brandywine SPCA. He is a mix of Boxer, Pitbull, Australian Shepherd, and Yorkshire Terrier. He has no formal education, however, after months of persistent training, he will “leave it” after 5-8 repeat commands.

Famous for his goat-like stomach, Toby can eat just about anything, including; nerf darts, nylon gloves, potato chip bags, sticks, napkins, and legos, and never get sick. He prefers sugary carbs over proteins and meat, but feel free to give him any treat you’d like to share.

Toby visits on occasion with the Stutzman’s. He loves attention and especially enjoys his chest scratched and rubbed. When he is not at Aligned Medical, you’ll find him roaming his property chasing away foxes and playing with his favorite toy, a big knotted rope.