Synergy Medical Weight Loss Treatment

Lose Weight Safely Under Medical Supervision

Our clinic offers the Synergy Medical Weight Loss treatment program. We believe this method is the fastest, most effective way for someone to lose extra pounds. With medical supervision, a variety of medications and natural supplements, we help speed your body’s ability to burn fat, while reducing appetite and increasing energy levels.

Our medical team does not leave a stone unturned and guides each patient until their goals are met. Most importantly, we teach you how to take better care of your health, get you moving safely to be more active, and show you how to best select foods so the weight does not return.

The Weight Loss Treatment Process

Synergy Medical Weight Loss Treatment SupervisionThe process is simple and pressure-free. One of our Wellness Consultants will review your health history, weight loss goals and prior successes and failures. This takes about 15-20 minutes. We review our program and the options you can choose from in regards to particular products. After that, if you’re ready to start losing weight, our doctor performs an examination, orders blood work, and sends out for diagnostic tests if needed, prior to starting treatments.

We prescribe and dispense FDA-approved appetite suppressants. Our goal is to reduce your appetite so you eat less, without the difficult food cravings most dieters endure. We also place some patients on hormone therapy to increase metabolism and minimize muscle loss.

We help you choose the appropriate duration of our program based on your needs, goals and which aspects you choose to implement. For those needing several months of Synergy Medical Weight Loss, our physician sees you monthly to help decide which medications to continue.

We recommend a variety of natural supplements to help you lose weight and maintain nutritional intake during your reduced food consumption. The synergy between the medications and supplements is why our patients achieve great results.

Meet Your Weight loss Wellness Consultant

Our synergy weight loss Wellness Consultants are seasoned exercise physiologists and guide you through each day of the program. Available anytime by email or phone, we support and help you reach your desired weight. More importantly, we do anything we can to get you more active and exercising safely, so you keep the weight off.

Healthy food choices are an integral part of your education as we go through the program together. Synergy Medical Weight Loss is also affordable. Our program competes with other national programs that do not even include medications.

Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation to see if our program is right for you!