The Advantages of Medically Supervised Weight Loss

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Blog

What Is Included In A Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan?

Unlike following the latest fad diet, a medically supervised weight loss plan is a program designed and monitored by qualified healthcare professionals. Working with a team of specialists, you’ll take a deep dive into the unique circumstances that are preventing weight loss for you. Because each patient is different, each medically supervised plan is personally tailored to that individual. A team of medical professionals will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for ongoing support that may include diagnostic testing, medical evaluations, nutritional counseling, medications and physical activity guidance.

After your initial consultation, after your healthcare provider learns about your goals and current lifestyle, they may request some blood work. These laboratory tests check your basic chemistry, blood sugar levels, hormones and vitamin levels that encourage or deter a healthy metabolism. Hair testing can also be done to help accurately identify long term exposures and mineral imbalances in your body that affect your health. Another part of a medically supervised weight loss plan looks at any food or environmental sensitivities that might be causing weight gain and taking this a step further, examining your gut health if you experience bloating, fatigue, skin issues, mood swings or hormonal imbalances. With so many possibilities that could be inhibiting your weight loss, working with a medical team can give your weight loss journey the greatest chance for success.

Supervised Medical Weight Loss

Are Medical Weight Loss Programs Safe?

Programs designed for medically supervised weight loss are relatively safe for your current and future health. With medically informed guidance, your personal team of professionals assist you with the proper medication, vitamin supplements, physical activity regimes and meal plans. Frequent monitoring will prevent you from heading down a path harmful to you and your healthy habits.

How Successful Are Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs?

While individual results may vary, experience shows that those in a supportive medically supervised weight loss program lose weight and are better able to keep it off. With customized plans, tangible changes, and encouragement from their weight loss team, patients are able to adopt these healthy behaviors that become part of their long term success.

What Are The Advantages Of Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs?

A medically supervised weight loss program is specifically tailored to each patient’s biology, physical health, mental health, and lifestyle. A team of medical professionals collaborate to develop a comprehensive medical care plan that keeps their patient healthy and on track to both lose weight and successfully keep it off. Our program makes it easier to lose the weight.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Medically Supervised Weight Loss?

If you’ve tried to lose weight on your own unsuccessfully, or are a victim of yo-yo dieting, then you’re a great candidate for medically supervised weight loss. Medically supervised programs are designed by your own personal healthcare team for healthy, long term weight management. Many who enter a medically supervised weight loss program also suffer from sleep apnea, thyroid disorders, undiagnosed type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol. Under medical supervision, these patients are able to combat these comorbidities simultaneously.

Aligned Medical Group Offers Holistic Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs Tailored For Each Patient

If you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off, the experts at Aligned Medical Group have the training and expertise to treat the conditions preventing weight loss. Each patient is treated with understanding, compassion, and respect. Align Medical Group’s team of health professionals will customize a medically supervised weight loss program to ensure you’ll be successful. Contact Aligned Medical Group and take your first step towards a healthier weight loss journey!