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I am thrilled to be headache-free!

I first discovered that chiropractic care could cure my headaches about 15 years ago after seeking treatment for an acute back problem. That discovery was life changing and ended the chronic headaches (and analgesic addiction) I had suffered from for half my life.

What I’ve figured out since that time is that not all chiropractic care is equal. For almost a dozen years, I kept mostly headache-free by receiving an adjustment at least twice a month; that was about as long as I could go without the headaches recurring. Upon changing providers and seeing another chiropractor, I eventually found my headaches returning with greater frequency and intensity. Massage therapy helped a good deal through some of the worst episodes but I wanted long-term relief and I finally found that with Dr. Stutzman and Aligned Medical Group. The combination of the chiropractic care and stretching and strengthening exercises has made a huge difference and I’m now able to go an entire month with very little or no headache, especially if I also get a therapeutic massage.

It has taken me a long time to believe that my headaches, even when they seem to be migraine-like or sinus headaches, are actually tension headaches caused not just by the pressures of a hectic life, but by the physical stresses of a desk job and working on the computer all day. I truly feel that the exercises in combination with the adjustments have made a huge difference. If I ever leave the area and need a new chiropractor I will seek out another practice that uses all three modalities (manual therapy, exercise therapy and massage therapy). I am thrilled to be headache-free!