Posture and Muscle Tension


Symptoms of poor posture include chronic tension, tightness or pain in the back, fatiguing quickly when standing or sitting, chronic headaches, noticeable slouching, rounding of the back or shoulders, and forward head carriage.


Poor posture is caused over time by disregard of proper posture. Sitting at a computer for long periods of time for months or years, day in and day out, commonly leads to poor posture. Injuries to muscles along the torso can tighten muscles and be detrimental to proper posture.


Poor posture is a very common condition and concern for many of our patients. Most people spend extended periods of time in front of a computer screen or driving from place to place. More recently, and more so with young to middle-aged people, time is spent on iPads and bent forward on laptops and cell phones. In all of these situations, it is easy to lose proper posture. With the arms and hands in front of the body, as is the case in computer work and driving, it is easy to allow the shoulders to roll forward, the lower back to flatten out and the head to protrude forward. Being in this position puts a great deal of strain on the spine. The spine loses alignment and is unable to optimally support the body, therefore strain is placed on joints and muscles that are not meant to handle the load. Over time, poor posture can lead to numerous problems including spinal degeneration and aches and pains throughout the back.

Aligned Medical Group’s Approach

Posture is a condition that while typically not difficult to treat and improve, becomes impossible to sustain results without patient compliance. In other words, we rely heavily on you changing your habits and performing stretches and exercises we prescribe. We show you how this is done and accelerate your results with chiropractic manipulation to address tight and out of alignment joints, therapeutic stretching and strengthening exercises to correct posture, electric muscle stimulation and ice therapy. Massage therapy may be prescribed to help loosen tight muscles that are contributing to poor posture. Our medical director can help with muscle injections to loosen up tight knots. We also discuss your work station and lifting habits to help your habits improve.