Lower Back Pain


Symptoms of lower back pain include aching, stiffness, cramping or muscle spasms in the lower back. Tingling, numbness or muscle weakness in the buttocks, legs, and feet can also be symptoms of lower back conditions.


Lower back pain can be the result of an acute sprain or strain from an injury, such as a fall. It can also be chronic and long-lasting from overuse and poor posture. Most people with lower back pain had a symptom-free breakdown of structure or loss of normal function over an extended length of time (years to decades). All of a sudden, you wake up with lower back pain. For more specific conditions, see our pages on Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, and Stenosis. Some internal conditions can cause lower back pain as well, and it is important to rule them out during your examination. These include, but are not limited to: aortic artery aneurysm or dissection, ovarian cysts, tumors and internal organ pathology.


Lower back pain is a general term used to describe any discomfort or pain located in or around the lumbar or lumbosacral spine. Because of the complex nature of the lower back and the many muscles, ligaments and bony structures located in the lower back, pain can come from a variety of sources. Muscular dysfunction, nerve irritation, and changes in the spinal column can cause very different types of lower back pain.

Aligned Medical Group’s Approach

Our physicians and chiropractors work hard to determine the exact type of lower back pain you are experiencing. Treatment plans are typically comprehensive and may include spinal manipulation, soft tissue treatments (massage therapy, Nimmo, trigger point or Graston Technique), spinal stenosis therapy, pinched nerve treatments, therapeutic stretching and strengthening exercises, electric muscle stimulation, cold laser and ice or heat therapy. The doctors may prescribe Vax-D spinal decompression for more severe cases. Our medical director may prescribe trigger point injections, muscles relaxers or support braces to assist you with healing.