What does it mean to be an integrated practice?

Medical Integration is a newer healthcare model where multiple licensed specialists work together on the same patient under the same roof. Having medical professionals working together in the same building allows us to focus on the whole patient, improve the relationship between all our practitioners and the patient, allows us to make more informed decisions about patient care that uses all appropriate therapies, and promotes health as well as healing. The goal of this model is to better serve patients with comprehensive care that achieves faster, deeper results. Typically, this model has a strong core of active care and education that helps patients gain more control over their own health.

Specifically, our doctors and clinical team work together to get and keep patients healthy, active and pain-free. We do this by recognizing that the body is an intricate machine with symptoms such as pain, fatigue, headaches and numbness that indicate when something within the human machinery has stopped performing as well as it should.  We use an approach that looks for the underlying cause of the symptom, rather than employing pain medication that masks the symptom and can actually lead to worsening of the underlying cause.

At Aligned Medical Group our many specialists and our clinical team work with our patients, taking a comprehensive approach to resolve health issues while at the same time sharing opinions and offering treatment choices.  In many integrative practices, medical professionals continue to operate separately from one another, but at Aligned Medical Group we strive to heighten communication, collaboration, and patient education as we transform the way we practice health care.

We believe “Living pain free is how you’re meant to be.”  An Integrated medical approach allows us to combine our skillsets to provide our patients with the benefits of our collected knowledge.