How is your Vax-D decompression therapy different from other practices that offer decompression?

Our Vax-D decompression table has clinical trials that substantiate the effectiveness of the treatment. There are many “decompression” tables out there, ranging from $8,000 to over $100,000, and keep in mind that you can’t compare the safety report of a Volvo to a tiny Smart Car. We are very experienced and specialty trained to use spinal decompression for disc herniation, degenerate disc and pinched nerves or sciatica. Please visit to learn more about our table. If you’re “shopping around,” we firmly recommend only using a VaxD which has supportive literature. However, the DRX9000 and AccuSpina are tables which also get good results. We hope to have the opportunity to review your personal situation and let you know how we can help.